Human Givens Journal - Volume 17, No 1, 2010

Volume 17, No 1, 2010

Human Givens Journal

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Different views, different needs

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Governments and murder
  • “unbearable suffering”
  • where to sit in cinemas
  • how graphs affect decision making
  • affiliation and altruism
  • confirmation bias
  • empathy and the common cold
  • antidepressants and placebo
  • ENA in research
  • how we overestimate impulse control
  • sexual interest impairs performance
  • psychosis and skunk
  • and more…

Being an insider is no joke

Pat Williams mischievously suggests how leaders could be helped to take themselves less seriously

Cultural differences in nonverbal communication

Lisa Aronson Fontes explains the subtle differences that can cause gross misunderstandings in cross-cultural interviews

Ends and means

Beate Smirek describes how the human givens approach has enhanced the help she gives as a social worker in a hospice

“Is it in the blood?”

Former EU Comissioner and Irish Finance Minister Charlie McCreevey discusses with Joe Griffin the different responses to the international recession and British feelings about the EU

The picture tells the story

Deborah Atkins shows how the graphic novel can help youngsters who struggle with life and traditional learning

Learning to say no

Chaotic families at risk of eviction are being helped to re-integrate into the community

Why molar memory treatment works

Shona Adams explains the neurobiological findings that show why molar memory treatment is effective

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