Human Givens Journal - Volume 13, No 2

Volume 13, No 2, 2006

Format: A4 Printed Journal (48pp) 

ISBN: 1473-4850 (ISSN)

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Learning by heart

How We Are: News, views and information

  • Preventing suicide
  • appearance and memory
  • antidepressants — surprising findings
  • hunger and learning
  • DNA and depression
  • abstract symbols
  • educating looked-after children
  • predicting violent behaviour, wrongly
  • depressed mothers
  • the extreme autistic brain
  • creative thinking
  • what you focus on is what you get
  • male and female anxiety after stillbirth
  • helpful chimpanzees
  • checking behaviour
  • eating disorders
  • control at work
  • friends who care

A question of identity

Pat Williams muses on the familiar fear of nothingness.

Common ground: diplomacy and the human givens

John Bell argues that only a needs-based conflict-resolution approach can bring peace to the Middle East.

Struggling for meaning

‘Nominalisations’ can manipulate and mislead – yet they also sometimes enhance understanding. By Gwen Griffith-Dickson.

Escape from the box and the bottomless pit

Gareth Evans describes how working with young people’s own metaphors can help them find solutions to problems.

“Got to be thin”

Grace Bowman talks to Denise Winn about the gripping experience of anorexia and how she overcame it.

Matter as well as mind

Christine Blakey says that poor nutrition can very often cause psychological symptoms.

From self-harm to self-belief

Emily Lindsey-Clarke describes the role of the human givens approach in her work with women with complex needs.

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