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Get 20% off Why we dream bookThe remarkable story of how the Irish psychologist Joe Griffin went on a quest to discover why dreaming evolved – and eventually succeeded.

With a strikingly simple, intuitively and scientifically satisfying explanation for why we dream, he reveals what dreams do for us and gives readers the key to understanding their own remembered dreams.

Since earliest times, humankind has puzzled over and been inspired by the self-evident symbolism in dream. In modern times the phenomenon remained a mystery to science – until the explanation revealed in this book was announced, tested and found useful.

Thanks to Griffin's experiments and his 'expectation fulfilment theory' we now know that dreaming keeps us sane, or, in certain circumstances, can drive us mad (psychotic). 

This knowledge has opened up wonderful new possibilities for humanity: greater creativity; improved mental health and deeper understanding of who we are. Read more

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