SCoPEd Framework update

The HG Diploma is a recognised part of the SCoPEd framework, with approved routes for its graduates to progress through all 3 of the framework’s columns.

The Human Givens Institute (HGI) was one of the six organisations in the UK, along with BACP, UKCP and NCS, involved in developing the Scope of Practice and Education (SCoPEd) Framework, which was officially adopted by them all in February 2023. A ground-breaking shared standards framework, it aims to transparently set out the core training, practice and competence requirements for counsellors and psychotherapists working with adults, to provide a nationally recognised framework of counselling and psychotherapy which helps to align PSA-accredited registers and bring clarity and credibility to the counselling and psychotherapy profession. In time, it will also hopefully help clients/patients and services to better identify properly trained and qualified practitioners.

All six organisations involved in SCoPEd have been working closely over the last few months to provide clear routes for their counselling and psychotherapy members to be able to transition between the 3 columns of the SCoPEd Framework. The detailed requirements and application processes for each organisation needed to be agreed by all of the others, which has now happened.

Human Givens College is working closely with the HGI to ensure that all graduates of the Human Givens Diploma will have routes open to them to transition between the 3 columns. As a result, the HGI is planning to make some changes to its membership levels; HGI members are being regularly updated and will be offered support and guidance throughout the upcoming changes and application processes. Being involved in the collaborative SCoPEd project has helped raised the profile of HG and also enabled the HGI to ensure that elements important to the HG approach have been accommodated in the framework. You can find out more about SCoPEd, via the following video produced by BACP.

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