Charity Frontline19 commissions HG training

Frontline19, the charity set up last year to offer free and confidential psychological support to anyone working in the NHS and frontline Frontline19services in the UK, recently commissioned HG College to deliver online training on trauma and how best to treat it to the therapists and counsellors working for them. As a result, HG tutor and therapist Ros Townsend is going to be running a series of sessions on trauma awareness over the coming months.

Numerous HG therapists have kindly offered their services to help other caring professionals via Frontline and many report back about the toll working in ‘war zone’ conditions has taken on their clients.

Ros Townsend is also going to be delivering a workshop entitled ‘Human Givens: A holistic approach to treating trauma’ at the Action Trauma summit in June, which features numerous well-known trauma specialists from around the world and reaches a wide international audience.  You can find out more here.

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