Using HG to help quit smoking

Diana Hurley, formerly an occupational therapist at a mental health service trust, has worked tirelessly for over two decades to help patients with long-term mental health difficulties to stop smoking.  She featured in the Human Givens Journal when she created a successful group-based smoking cessation course, based on HG principles, for community mental health patients.  You can find the full article in this issue.

Diana has also presented her approach at numerous smoke-free conferences, attended by senior healthcare professionals and smoking cessation specialists.

Keen to help even more people, Diana has recently developed an online programme to help people to stop smoking.  Smoke Free ME uses the HG approach to helping people overcome addiction and is designed for those who find that mental health problems, poor wellbeing and stress make quitting especially difficult.  The programme is also useful for anyone else who is struggling.

The programme is designed to build people’s wellbeing by helping smokers identify and meet their emotional needs before making a quit attempt, and then prevent relapse after stopping successfully. The whole programme can be accessed for the price of a packet of 20 cigarettes, and also offers additional online or telephone support to complement the website programme, if required.

For further information about the online programme or Diana’s in-person courses, please contact Diana at [email protected].

We wish her well in her new venture.


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