Human Givens Journal - Volume 18, No 4, 2011

Volume 18, No 4, 2011

Human Givens Journal

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Good things in small packages.

How we are: News, views and information:

  • Antipsychotics and marketing scams
  • cannabis and effect on brain volume
  • creativity and psychosis
  • unforeseen suicides
  • transsexualism
  • therapist embarrassment
  • mental illness and physical health
  • depression research bias
  • ‘playing dead’
  • what happens when crime is a ‘beast’ or a ‘virus’
  • how metaphors affect personality and perception
  • sex differences in the brain – and not in the brain
  • more limitations of brainstorming
  • books, toys, TV and maternal responsiveness to their children

Making the invisible visible

However much modern-day thinking appears to erode true values, they always flourish, says Pat Williams.

Therapy d­ropouts: the solution we need?

Martin Dunne finds that looking through the lens of emotional needs might help explain, and reduce, therapy dropout.

The human givens: in our own words

A resource for human givens practitioners to use to promote both the approach and their own practice. By Denise Winn.

The brain’s big bang – and why it won’t be the last

John Zada talks to Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell about their ambitious new book, which explores the mysteries of consciousness.

Cannabis-induced caetextia

Ezra Hewing suggests that the organising idea of caetextia may help explain paradoxes about the effects of cannabis misuse.

Come fly with me (calmly)

Sian Withers shares experiences of using the human givens approach in her work as a member of cabin crew.

A devastating death

Janine Hurley describes how the HGI Ethics Committee helped her, professionally and personally, after a tragic client suicide.

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters


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