Just What We Need (JWWN)

During 2012, the remaining funds generously donated by the Waterloo Foundation to support Just What We Need training and delivery programmes were allocated. In the event, with the agreement of the Waterloo Foundation, the HGF paid for six HG practitioners from Wales to attend a JWWN training course.

The Waterloo Foundation is primarily concerned with the wellbeing of children in Wales. The Just What We Need (formerly Parent Pods) programme for parents, which received its initial funding from the HGF, is designed to teach parents about the human givens principles: the emotional needs and resources, and how to get those needs met themselves and be able to assess whether their children are getting their needs met. Through activities and outings and group work around these principles, parents learn how to create family situations where emotional wellbeing is maintained. The following are quotes from some of the HG practitioners who attended the 2012 Just What We Need course referred to above:

“I joined the course in September 2011. This course is for anyone who needs to work out where they are and what they need from life. I found the whole experience amazing. I know now who I am, where I am in my life and most importantly what I need from my life. I have also learnt how to deal with difficult situations and tell those who mean the most to me how much I value them and supporting me through my most difficult and emotional times.”

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