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The Mind-Body Connection

Exploring the relationships between emotions, exercise and eating

This essential CPD day gives you a wealth of important new information from the latest mind/body research that has huge implications for our understanding of mental and physical health…

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The Mind-Body Connection (Online)

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  • Date: TBA

  • Length: 1 day (9.15am–4.00pm BST)

  • Tutor: Dr Andrew Morrice

  • Suitable for: All health and welfare professionals, and anyone interested for personal reasons

  • CPD Certificate: 6 hours

  • Price: £145 per person

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Live training delivered online Next date TBA Join Dr Andrew Morrice live via Zoom on for this invaluable CPD day – you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. All you need is a quiet place to watch and a strong internet signal, the rest is easy – simply book your place as normal, and we will email you details of how to join the Zoom workshop the day before.
EXTRA BONUS – the training is recorded, in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day, so you will also get a recording for a limited time afterwards to maximise your learning.

Found the whole course fascinating. The information will be invaluable in my work on health promotion and stress management.

Occupational Therapist

Why take this course

Getting our physical needs met healthily is just as important as ensuring that our innate emotional needs are met well, since our physical health impacts on our mental health and vice versa.

However, even though our physical needs may appear obvious – a healthy diet, regular exercise etc – we know that most of the chronic diseases sweeping through the Western World are linked to “lifestyle”, indicating that many people are not actually meeting their physical needs, or developing their physical resources, in healthy balanced ways – despite the vast array of information available to them.

Dr Andrew Morrice’s fascinating day explores the many reasons for this (for instance, much of our collective thinking and advice about health is contradictory and distorted by vested interests and preconception) – and what can be done about them.

Human givens therapy is a truly bio-psycho-social model of emotional and mental wellbeing, which draws much of its strength from brain-science, but there is more – there are also physical benefits to be had from good therapy and education. The day looks at these too and at how ‘physical’ factors can help create emotional and mental challenges.

By demonstrating how thoroughly interconnected the mind and body are in the way they react to the world around us, and giving you new information and ways to incorporate this latest mind-body knowledge into your practice, he sifts the sense from the nonsense, making it easier to think clearly about our own health as well as that of our patients.

And when we can think more clearly about health this creates more opportunities to help people thrive in the modern world…

Extremely helpful and interesting, would recommend it to anyone – can't believe so much information was packed into just one day!

Occupational Therapist

What will you learn

  • A deeper knowledge of the interdependence of the mind-body system and the many ways it impacts on our lives
  • Greater clarity about the role some emotions play in creating ill-health – and the powerful ways in which other emotional states promote health (including the key role of oxytocin)
  • The simple and powerful changes to lifestyle that can augment the effectiveness of psychotherapy and counselling
  • An introduction to ways in which metaphor and other language skills can be used to help people make healthy changes
  • Increased knowledge of the ways in which physical changes in the body contribute to emotional distress – in particular how physical changes contribute to depression
  • The effects of diet on our emotional and physical health, and how emotional and cognitive patterns interfere with our ability to nourish ourselves appropriately
  • A solid understanding of the physical health challenges facing us today and why, despite the wonders of modern medicine, chronic ill health
    is rising
  • The different ways activity and exercise can maintain – or undermine – health
  • The interrelationship between food and drugs – why some foods
    are addictive
  • Are there similar problems in applying the disease model to ‘chronic physical illness’ as arise in ‘mental illness’?
  • Insight into how the human givens approach can clarify complex and apparently conflicting information to provide robust and easily understood ideas about how human health can be maximised
  • New ways to improve your own health and wellbeing, and more…


Dates and Venues

Course Programme

The ‘The Mind-Body Connection: Exploring the relationships between emotions, exercise and eating’ course starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm (BST).

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Reviews for this course

4.9/5 (68 Reviews)
  1. Psychotherapist

    Insightful and data-packed day. Enjoyed Andrew’s relaxed and humorous style of presentation very much. He opened up fresh ways of looking at and using the HG approach. Lots of new information and all applicable for me too, not just in-session, but in life as a whole. Thank you.

  2. Gestalt Psychotherapist

    I was delighted that this workshop kept me engaged for the whole day. Dr Morrice was a great presenter who made the subject riveting from start to finish. I had thought that I might tune out for some of it, but can honestly say I didn’t. I have followed up on some of the things he mentioned already on the HG website and his own website. I liked the fact that the assistant put links in the comments as we were going along. It was a professional and very slick presentation, but at the same time it came across as friendly and effortless.

  3. Gill Davies

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course conducted by Dr Andrew Morrice. I thought he explained the subject matter with clarity and professionalism. I will be looking for more HG courses based on the quality of this one.

  4. Psychologist

    This is the second time around for me, for this workshop, attending the original a few years back. The depth of the information is such that I will be taking it again, at a future date. It always amazes me how hearing information again and again lends to clearer understanding and more questions.

  5. Coach

    This course was both really informative and entertaining! I enjoyed it immensely and I know that me and my clients will reap the benefits. Thank you.

  6. Psychotherapist

    It was great having Andrew’s extensive health background along with the application of the Human Givens framework. It really brought the subject matter great depth.

  7. Psychologist

    This was a very informative day, delivered in a relaxed and engaging way. I found the demystification of current diet trends particularly helpful and in relation to depression.

  8. Rebecca Winfrey

    Really interesting course – so much packed in to the time, which shifted my thinking on lots of areas.

  9. Retired

    Very good. A great introduction, with useful ideas and information.

  10. Natalie Eymor

    Fantastic speaker and I have learnt a lot. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because a lot of the course material after lunch I had a lot of knowledge on already. I thought that the day would be more focused on eating disorders and dangers of over exercising but this wasn’t the case. That’s not to say I didn’t pick up a lot of useful info. Thanks!

  11. Person-centred Counsellor

    I actually cannot believe that this information is not widely available to every person, therapist or not, and not publicised on a vast scale in our society. The course contains essential information for every human being to empower themselves to understand the environment we are in, and with self-compassion to take steps to recognise ways we can re-address the balance in ourselves and our environment to foster wellness. I loved this course and wish that I could gift it to everyone I love too! This was a great day that really consolidated my understanding and my confidence in my knowledge of this topic area. Thank you very much.

  12. Ben Bolton, Local Government Officer

    A fascinating and thought-provoking course. Andrew was a fantastic tutor who covered things in just the right level of detail. His experience and knowledge as both a therapist and a GP was extremely valuable. Andrew also put a new spin on several elements of the HG approach by putting them into a systemic view of health. All together an excellent course.

  13. Ann Ahern

    This was my first time on a Human Givens course. I found it to be a very positive experience. Dr Andrew has a wonderful way of imparting his immense knowledge on us. The whole course was very interactive and all our questions were answered in a very generous manner. He has a wonderful Zoom system in place – the very best I have encountered so far, and since Covid I have completed many Zoom training sessions. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in knowing more about anxiety or depression.

  14. Counsellor

    This was my first experience of Human Givens training and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much information covered which has definitely whetted my appetite to discover more on this topic and more about Human Givens training generally.

  15. Nigel Filer, HG Counsellor

    Packed with loads of useful information and essential to understanding the holistic aspect that underpins the Human Givens approach

  16. Sarah Simon, HG Psychotherapist and Art Psychotherapist

    I found the day enjoyable and informative. It was split into 4 discrete sections and questions were welcomed and answered well. The learning and advice for putting it into practice was mostly easy to understand – it was clear that Andrew was trying to give us the most accessible and practical aspects of a huge topic!

  17. Tom Lawrence, HG Therapist

    An interesting and engaging day, highlighting the interconnectedness of mind and body, with excellent insights and therapeutic tips for use in practise.

  18. Laura Langara, Nutritional coach and biochemist

    It was very enriching for my practice

  19. Mieke Verhallen, Davis counsellor

    The course was packed with information, so it was really nice to be able to watch the replay. I did several Human Givens workshops years ago in the Netherlands and I loved to refresh my memory about the human needs and resources, the depression cycle, and especially the new info about exercise and food in relation to all this. I love the humour and fun Dr. Andrew Morrice puts in, in this way he sets the example of what he is teaching. His English is very understandable for somebody who is not a native speaker, especially because you can prepare yourself with the written notes sent to the participant before the workshop starts. In short: a valuable workshop, I loved it!

  20. Lynne Burke, Charity leader and HG psychotherapist

    I could not attend on the day but have watched it online over the past two weeks. It is one of the best training events I have attended and I really appreciated the way it was delivered with humour and understanding of the issues we face in the therapy room. I love the research that underpins this session and all the practical applications.

  21. Tiffany Osborne, HG Therapist

    Found lots of aspects of the course really interesting such as the motivational triad, activity vs exercise as a benefit and activity to be based on needs and the 3 main modes of adjusting the emotional system and how they affect our us. Linking up with this was the identity we have with food – interesting link between our own identity, national identity and class. Perhaps didn’t need to know so much about actual food nutrition as already clued up on that. So perhaps would of preferred a bit more time on the relationship between inflammation and depression and the link with BA25 as felt there was so much more than could be explored here and it was very important information to add to the cycle of depression.
    However, overall really enjoyed the day. Andrew was informative and fun to listen to. It was the first zoom training I had done and thought it was just as good as there was still interaction between the participants.

  22. Keith Dean, Hypnotherapist

    A lot of very useful information to use in life and in work. I was aware of the mind-body connection before but my understanding is greatly improved. Dr. Andrew Morrice has a very relaxed and warm teaching style also and is very helpful in ensuring you are understanding the course content.

  23. Andrea, Cognitive Hypnotherapist

    I had high expectations from this course, and it surpassed them. Dr Morrice is an engaging presenter (even on Zoom!) and the course material was broad but connected in a way that made absolute sense, even to someone with no medical background. It was a fantastic overview which really highlighted for me the importance of understanding the mind-body connection. I would go beyond recommending it and go as far as saying it ought to be mandatory learning for all therapists!

  24. Tara Taheri, Dental Health Care Professional

    I have learned how to explore the relationship between emotions, exercise and eating from this course. How these elements are important in our life regarding illness and wellness. We need to understand the certain pattern of our eating, be aware of this pattern. Then look at the other ways of correct eating, the way of correct sleeping and how to integrate to activities that make sure our body and our brain are functioning. It is important to understand how and why we response in the ways we do in our life regarding health, well-being and illness. It is important and a valuable thing how we being to change the patterns matches in our life toward health and well-being.

  25. Julie Brewster, Coach - HR Consultant

    I was concerned this would be a bit over my head, however it wasn’t. It was fascinating, and I picked up a lot which will help me and my clients. I’m sure it could easily be a 2 day course. It was intense, and I was struggling later in the after – I think thats more to do with watching zoom than the course though.

  26. Dirk Lootens, Coach & Therapist

    Would advise this course to everyone interested in the subject. Great course. Marvellous lecturer.

  27. Daniel Sheres, Leadership Coach

    Carefully curated content – terrific flow of content and dialogue. Fabulous teacher. Andrew could ask the audience to leave their mics on – that way he won’t have to wonder if we’re laughing at your jokes – we are! Thanks to Andrew, Arlene (excellent facilitation!) and the whole HG team.

  28. Sarah Swanton, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

    This is a wonderful day, jam-packed with useful, fascinating and new information. I found that it gave me such a richer appreciation of our Human Needs and our innate resources of meeting those needs. Whether you are just immersing into human givens for the first time, or you have been around this approach for years, it’s a day well worth attending. I have come away feeling enthused, inspired and energised. Thank you, Andrew, a really really worthwhile day.

  29. Practitioner Psychologist

    Really interesting material and readily applicable to client therapy. Dr Morrice is a very engaging speaker and delivered an incredible amount of knowledge. Excellent course notes too, which will be a very useful resource.

  30. Sean O’Callaghan, Retired teacher

    Thought provoking and entertaining course that covers many areas of Human Givens and the value of nutrition.

  31. Pastor

    Dr Andrew Morrice, did and amazing job with a vast subject. He summarised his intentions at the beginning of his talk – that this would be like a view from a hot air balloon, and indeed it was a very good overview where I learned information in a previously unexplored area and this has certainly spiked intrigue in me to learn more from the physiological viewpoint. His review of the HG perspective was as always helpful and allows one to see a new subject /area of learning more clearly within the framework of HG. Dr Morrice kept our attention throughout and was able to join concepts and interlinking ideas in a way that added essential knowledge. What I hadn’t expected was his leaning towards environmental issues. He has a firm belief which was interesting to hear however it was a ´conscious pricker´ which I personally thought distracted from his main teaching.
    All in all I am very grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to such excellent teaching , thank you.

  32. Marshall Linton, Teacher

    Dr. Morrice did an excellent job of exploring emotion, eating and exercise within the Human Givens model.

  33. Biologist, Acupuncturist

    It was a very good sum up of the intricate relationships between mind and body. It helped me put my daily observations as a therapist in a more systematic view.

  34. Alison Simmons, Registered Nurse Mental Health

    Really interesting, well delivered. Excellent resources provided, didn’t want it to end!

  35. Melanie Bearne, Hypnotherapist / Hypnobirthing Teacher / EFT Practitioner

    A wonderful course at breaking down and understanding the correlations between eating, exercise and our emotions. How our desire for comfort when our needs are not being met can lead to not only anxiety and depression but physical lack of good health. Then of course how our physical lack of good health feeds back into increased levels of anxiety and depression.

  36. Mary Spierin, Human Givens Therapist & Hypnotherapist

    Andrew was an excellent and engaging presenter. A highly informative course that enriches and contributes to my existing knowledge in terms of working holistically with my clients.

  37. Retired

    I attended this course some years ago (at Friends House, Euston) and found it very informative then, so attended yesterday’s online course as an update/refresher. This course presents an enormous and wide-ranging amount of information in a clear and accessible way. It looks at both the detail and the ‘bigger picture’ in order to expand one’s thinking and understanding.

  38. H.G. Practitioner (Retired)

    I enrolled on this course to give myself a treat and was not disappointed. I am 80 and in these rather solitary times it was great to be reminded of so much which continues to enrich my life. The course was delivered clearly and with humour. I feel much better!

  39. Jennifer Sumner, Drama and Movement Therapist / Artistic Director

    I found it inspiring, thorough and very informative. There was also a global, environmental and political level of thought which is essential for us to consider these days. I appreciated Andrew’s openness and sharing. The process on Zoom was well managed and Andrew kept a good energy and engagement.
    Excellent resources shared too. Thank you

  40. Beverly Thompson, Hypnotherapist

    This was an excellent course on a very important topic. Highly informative with the latest information. Dr. Andrew Morrice was very knowledgeable and presented complex theories in an accessible manner. I really enjoyed this course and look forward to further courses with HG.

  41. Mandy Gorst, Complementary Therapist

    Andrew is an engaging speaker who covers an impressive variety of topics. This course is very interesting, thought provoking and relevant to the health and well-being of everyone.

  42. Julia Anne Ellis, Retired Local Authority Housing Advisor

    Enlightening and informative so interesting and useful, I have a greater understanding of the relationships between emotions, exercise and eating, which is the mind-body connection. I thoroughly enjoyed this exceptional day. Thank you HG College 😊

  43. Local government finance officer

    The mind-body connection was explored in detail and Dr Andrew Morrice was an engaging trainer. Although the course was online, there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and connect with other participants. I gained lots of useful knowledge that will be invaluable both personally and professionally. This may have been my first Human Givens course but it won’t be my last.

  44. Community Staff Nurse and HG Counsellor

    There was so much information packed into the day that I left with my head buzzing. Although quite a bit of the content was not new to me, Dr Andrew Morrice delivered it with a relaxed and humorous style, and a sense of enthusiasm that was refreshing, inspirational and motivating. It has made me want to continue research into this important area of mental health.

  45. Half way through Part 2, Otherwise retired

    Lots of good information that will take time to process. Excellent.

  46. Occupational Health Nurse

    Thoroughly enjoyed this study day. Inspirational, evidence based, thought provoking and informative.

  47. Julie Lowe, Dance and Pilates teacher

    The course was delivered in a very engaging way, with humour and a clear understanding of the challenges of Zoom presentations. The content was extremely well presented and the interactive element allowed delegates the opportunity to explore ideas further. Having studied part of the the HG Diploma (Part 1 and Week 1 of Part 2 so far) hearing the information from an additional viewpoint gave life to the organising ideas I had already learned about. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. Thank you!

  48. Staff Nurse (and Registered Veterinary Nurse)

    Excellent all round.

  49. Pauline West, HG therapist

    Excellent. Good review of the emotional needs and resources and relationship between mind and body to common health problems such as obesity, addictions and depression.

  50. Jennifer Loudon

    A highly informative course with the latest information on a very important topic that too few are aware of or take seriously. It is refreshing to meet a GP who sees the patient holistically. The Course brought together a wealth of information on the mind-body-connection, with easy to understand background Information and and its application together with Human Givens and general mental Health. This course is insightful for anyone wanting to learn more about health in general. The online format worked very well, was accessible, especially for those of us not currently living in the UK, and the time flew by very enjoyably.

  51. Linda Black, Clinical Hyonotherapist

    I thought the presentation and availability of the course was very good and look forward to more such opportunities. Regarding the content, I didn’t find much that I hadn’t already known though it was good to get confirmation of some of the understanding I had regarding certain aspects of the mind-body connection.

  52. Amanda Morgan

    Dr Andrew Morrice was extremely engaging particularly given it was the first live delivery via zoom and it was very effective! His extensive knowledge and ability to share his expertise in laymans terms allowed me to access what might otherwise have been too complex a subject area!

  53. Psychotherapist

    Full of up to date, easy-to grasp, relevant and thought-provoking information, delivered by a knowledgeable therapist. Structured and paced really well and presented seamlessly.

  54. Victor Rybacki, Retired, used to work in IT

    The course was as described by Dr Andrew Morrice – a high level overview of the research on the connection between the mind and body plus helpful strategies in acquiring a useful balance. As such it is provide a useful introduction to further study in areas of interest to the individual.

  55. Retired

    This is a most informative study day – eye opening on many fronts, exploring the significance of cultural norms as they change over time & place. The links with health expectations, interplay in personal responsibility of thinking/emotions connected with food and exercise, together with important factors of body awareness – basic breathing, and meaningful interaction with others – are presented, with reference also to disease physically & mentally. Helpful for all.

  56. Stuart Hancock, Occupational Therapist

    An informative day with helpful topics to consider for improving health.

  57. E. Sydney Okojie, Medicine: Physician & HG Practitioner

    The Mind-Body Workshop is rich in content. The way Andrew brings together the HG organising ideas and the wealth of information he has is engaging and very interesting. Being in his workshop during the day provided me a platform on which my outlook in holistic practice is broadened, my belief in mind-body medicine is strengthened and my HG approach to managing depression is enriched.

  58. Sara Pendlebury, HG Practitioner

    This was a very thorough look at the Human Givens from a medical perspective, with highly relevant and useful medical knowledge, from a Human Givens perspective. Mind Body can frequently be an artificial distinction and the course gives many immediately applicable ideas that can be used in everyday practice.

  59. Sue, HG Therapist and Supervisor

    So much infomation packed into a one day course. Great to have a medical perspective on mental health too. Lots of insight into the intricacies of the mind and body connection and how they should be thought of as one whole and not two halves. Very thought provoking add ons to the already insightful cycle of depression and the role that inflammation has on it. Highly recommended.

  60. HG practitioner

    Up to date, well-researched and applicable information, ideas and approaches – all presented in an accessible, friendly and applicable way, with a nice dose of humour thrown in.

  61. Keith Elvin, Pychotherapist

    I was already familiar with a lot of the content but appreciated it being presented in such a lucid and coherent way.
    It deals with a side of mental health which I don’t think is sufficiently appreciated and I would recommend it to anyone whether a newbie or oldie like myself.

  62. Sarah Matyjasik, Trainer/facilitator - mental & physical health including nutrition

    An exceptional day from an excellent tutor, deepening my knowledge of the mind to body connection. A good level to extend my learning particularly having prior knowledge in this area. As it’s taught by a GP, it meant there was lots of great scientific information & research to back up all this work. Andrew was incredibly knowledgeable, articulate & extremely relaxed & welcoming in his approach. Thoroughly enjoyed this thought provoking day. Thank you

  63. Teaching Assistant

    This course is so informative and I’m glad I attended it. Thank you!

  64. Sacha Mustoe, Specialist University MH Mentor

    Andrew is very passionate, knowledgeable and engaging and the course offers a broad sweep and a lot of information (for further reading) about Human Givens and how it fits within a bio psycho social model.

  65. Colette Molyneux, Counsellor

    Really enjoyed it. Would have liked more theory in the morning and maybe less theory straight after lunch as I found it harder to concentrate in the afternoon. Overall I found the content really useful and will enjoy revisiting it on the recording.

  66. Liz Nihan, HG Therapist/teacher

    Years of reading researching and learning Generously distilled down for us, giving an enlightening view of how interconnected mind body and food really are. It’s given me so much to think about and go and find out more about. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  67. Armorel wood, Rheumatology doctor and counsellor

    I love human givens as it makes so much sense and relates to my scientific background. I hope the NHS will one day acknowledge the mind – body connection and offer psychological support more widely in all departments

  68. Rose Lewis, Nurse, training psychotherapist TA

    A very engaging online learning. Dr Andrew Morrice was very knowledgable and presented complex theories in an accessible manner.

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