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How to create and use stories that help emotionally distressed children new

Children love stories and this natural affinity provides us with an incredibly powerful, non-intrusive and non-directive way to help emotionally distressed or abused young people

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How to create and use stories that help emotionally distressed children

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  • Date: Tues 10th November 2020

  • Length: 1 day (9.30am - 4.00pm)

  • Tutor: Pamela Woodford

  • Suitable for: See below

  • CPD Certificate: 6 hours

  • Price: £145 per person

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Wonderful, interactive course. Pamela is a joy to listen to and I learnt so much from it.


Live online – Join us on Tuesday 10th November 2020 for this live online workshop. Countless children have been badly affected by the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic, and we still don’t know what the long term effects will be.  This inspiring, interactive workshop with Pamela Woodford gives you powerful therapeutic tools which anyone can learn and adapt for the children they work with or care for. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and we will break into small groups for the exercises. All you need is a quiet place to watch, a computer or tablet and a strong internet signal, the rest is easy – simply book your place as normal and we will email you details of how to join the Zoom workshop a few days before the live event.
NB A recording of the training will be available to delegates for 2 weeks afterwards in case anyone experiences technical difficulties on the day.

Why take this course

Stories play a crucial role in children’s development – through the ways the different characters think, act and overcome difficulties, they gain important templates for understanding the world and dealing with the challenges and situations they will meet in life – both now and in the future.

And, as all children love stories, this natural affinity provides us with an incredibly powerful, non-intrusive and non-directive way to help emotionally distressed and abused young people.

On this course you will learn innovative new ways to engage with those who are often hard to reach and to help distressed children deal with the experiences they have had, whilst also offering them hope, understanding and new ways of thinking and feeling about life.

You may well be surprised at how quickly positive psychological changes occur as a result of the stories you yourself will create and tell.

I've come away very inspired – loved experiencing the power of metaphor first hand

Hospital Play Specialist

What will you learn

  • Knowledge and experience of how to create and use stories that are specifically tailored to quickly bring about positive psychological changes in children and young people
  • A clear understanding of how to address emotional issues in children
  • How to find the right metaphor for each situation
  • Tips for igniting your own imagination and creativity
  • Ideas and metaphors relevant to the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown to help children who are struggling
  • Case histories which illustrate the effectiveness of stories
  • Different ways to use therapeutic stories, such as those in Pamela’s acclaimed Brighter Little Minds series, to develop emotional literacy
  • A greater appreciation of the subtle power of metaphor, imagination and embedded suggestions and how to use them to help the young people you care for
  • Increased confidence in creating therapeutic stories yourself
  • Simple ways to calm and relax children – “it’s the way you tell ‘em”
  • Lots of new ideas from Pamela Woodford’s ‘treasure chest of healing spells’ to spark your own creativity
  • Plenty of opportunity to get feedback on the story you create and to ask questions from the tutor – a highly experienced and creative psychotherapist who has spent decades working therapeutically with distressed children and young people
  • Tips for improving your own storytelling abilities
  • and more

Such a helpful day – the use of metaphor via story form is a powerful tool

Head of Behaviour Support Service – Education

Course Programme

The ‘How to create and use stories that help emotionally distressed children’ live online workshop starts at 9.15am and runs until 4.00pm (BST).

Who is this course suitable for?

Anyone working with emotionally distressed children or young people, including:

  • Teachers and educational professionals
  • Psychotherapists, therapists and counsellors
  • Childcare and healthcare professionals (and students)
  • Foster carers
  • Adoptive parents – and perspective adoptive parents
  • Social workers
  • Parents and carers
  • Interested friends or family who wish to help a young person they know
  • And anyone who would like to attend for personal reasons

Reviews for this course

4.9/5 (29 Reviews)
  1. Family support

    Pamela is an inspiration with an amazing talent for creating useful and effective stories on the spot to address the presenting problem.

  2. Sara Simon, Human Givens Practitioner & Art Psychotherapist

    Pamela is an engaging tutor who puts her students at ease from the start. It was probably the most relaxed HG course I have attended – and in a good way, because coming up with (and performing) stories isn’t easy. Although I’m already an HG practitioner, creating my own stories is my weakest point, so I really appreciated a slightly different approach to give me more confidence in this area. It was helpful to build the story gradually, as a group, and to hear all the stories other groups created.

  3. Counsellor

    A totally immersive and deeply creative experience where I learned a lot about the power of story – something I’d forgotten – both through the talent and skill of the trainer and through the story exploration in group sessions with other participants. It has opened up so many new ways of seeing and working through story both personally and professionally.

  4. Janet LeRoy, Storyteller, Teacher, Process Acupressure Facilitator (previously)

    The hands on approach to learning the material was wonderful. The theory was presented in an easily grasped manner. The material was well organized and presented in a compelling way. At times, gripping, because of the nature of the case studies presented. The exercises encourage participants to apply the concepts. The learning format embeds the information – we lived it in the way we learn to ride a bike. We got on the bike and were supported by one another. As a storyteller, the course offers me more insight into the power of story and how it can foster healing.

  5. Counsellor

    Wonderful, interactive course. Pamela is a joy to listen to and I learnt so much from it.

  6. Psychotherapist

    Pamela’s course is well thought out, and well-structured. The course is to the point, yet playful and thought-provoking at the same time. There are many tools that can be taken away and used immediately in both home and work life. Pamela’s enthusiasm and her playful personality are infectious, and lend to a terrific learning experience. Thinking in Metaphor is my new favourite thing to do!

  7. Complementary Therapist

    This is an excellent course. Funny, engaging and thoroughly relevant to the requirements of a therapist these days.

  8. Elaine Curtin, HG Therapist

    This one day course covered all the bases. Pamela is experienced, inspiring and engaging. Any aspiring writers, therapists, parents, carers or experienced writers looking to learn to write for children and adults would enjoy an inspiring and educational day. I’m carrying my notebook everywhere with me from here on.

  9. Anna Tingle, HG Therapist

    Pamela is wonderfully empathetic and inspirational. I loved her stories and already use her books a lot.

  10. Kelly, Parent Child therapist

    I was so looking forward to this course and it didnt disapoint. Thank you so very much.

  11. Nettie Bowie, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

    This course was amazing!! The day was jam-packed with lots of information around story writing and use of metaphor. It was so exciting to be able to create a therapeutic story within the safety and support of a smaller group with guidance from an exceptionally talented facilitator and author. I would highly recommend this course.

  12. Bunty Dann, Human Givens Psychotherapist

    The exercises Pamela devised where excellent, really helped me to give it a go, hearing amazing rich stories because of the use of all sensory descriptions with great metaphors, and embedded suggestions that can evoke so many different responses and can be created with the client in mind so will resonate particularly with them. The case studies that Pamela shared and her generosity, encouragement and humour all made it a great learning experience. Thank you.

  13. Early years teacher

    Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Pamela is a very knowledgeable, passionate and encouraging tutor- it was an information packed day and I have come away feeling inspired and ready to use what I have learnt. Special thanks to Arlene also, who was very knowledgeable, patient and supportive with my technical woes!

  14. Tom Lawrence, HG Psychotherapist

    A wonderful day demonstrating the power of stories to help troubled youngsters, often without them knowing. A good practical course to dust-off our own innate ability to communicate through story and metaphor.

  15. Katherine Vilnrotter, HG Practitioner

    I would definitely recommend this course to any therapist working with either adults or children. It was wonderful to hear about how the instructor used the stories in session and created a safe healing environment for the kids to dive into the healing stories she was weaving. Truly inspirational! I am very happy that I took this course!

  16. Sean O’Callaghan, Retired teacher / coach

    Fun-filled, stretching day that gives you the framework to establish and maintain therapy interactions with children and young adults.

  17. Fiona Craughwell, HG therapist


  18. HLTA Behaviour

    An excellent day, especially learning the building blocks to creating beautiful therapeutic stories, using embedded suggestions and using the senses to address a variety of different problems.

  19. Head of Behaviour Support Service – Education

    Such a helpful day – the use of metaphor via story form is a powerful tool to support children in moving forward with their issues/problems. Thank you Pamela for a relaxed, entertaining delivery – good fun and informative.

  20. OT & HG Therapist

    It was excellent! Learnt how to recognise metaphor and embedded suggestions – great tips on identifying what you’ve got to build the story on, the words to use, as well as the voice and delivery.

  21. Psychotherapist / Charity Worker

    Very good to learn how to structure a story to meet therapeutic needs for a child or young person.

  22. HG Therapist

    Really useful to learn the use of embedded suggestions and how to put the stories together based on the particular client needs.

  23. Hospital Play Specialist

    I’ve come away very inspired – loved experiencing the power of metaphor first hand.

  24. HG Therapist and Writer

    Loved Pamela’s excellent teaching style and wealth of wisdom.

  25. Integrated Children’s Service Officer

    Everything led to a most fantastic finale! Thank you, it was beautifully structured, supported and inspiring.

  26. Teacher

    A lovely amalgam of theory and practice, stimulus and response. I learned of the centrality of metaphor, how to use embedded suggestions and the importance of using all these in telling stories.

  27. Volunteer

    Everything was useful – can’t wait to put all I’ve learnt into practise. Thanks Pamela for freeing my imagination.

  28. Writer/Poet

    Very useful to learn how effective stories can be at achieving better emotional states.

  29. Counsellor

    Really enjoyed the day of creating stories, using metaphor, practising embedded suggestions and having fun doing it.

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