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If you’ve benefited from human givens in any way and would like to help support us through the current health crisis, please consider giving a donation…

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Yes – I'd like to help! Human givens turned my life around...

Like you, we care passionately about improving mental health and reducing suffering – our aim is to support improvements in mental and physical healthcare, education and social services, by making readily available the necessary psychological knowledge and proven therapeutic skills that make it easier for you to reduce the considerable emotional distress and behavioural problems that increasing numbers of children and adults are experiencing.

As well as giving you essential psychological knowledge and proven practical skills, our down-to-earth training has introduced new research and insights into the causes and drivers of common conditions such as depression, addiction, anxiety disorders, trauma and psychosis which, when combined with the human givens framework for mental health and wellbeing, are revolutionising effective treatment.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far, as they say: “every little helps!”


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