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Volume 14 No 3, 2007


Editorial: Powerful methods required (Read)

How We Are: news, views and information
Dreaming in metaphor • tricks of the eye: the role of attention • giving to charity • teenage problem talk • effects of beliefs about health and fitness • travelling fellowship • human givens effectiveness study • visualising success • A&E staff and self-harmers • self-help depression books versus CBT • ‘couple’ carers • work-related mental ill health

Always something behind it...
Pat Williams takes a wry look at conspiracy theories

“There was no place of safety”: PTSD in Rwanda
Maarit Brooks and Carly Raby describe their trip to Rwanda to spread human givens skills for dealing with post-traumatic stress

Children of the genocide
Lorraine Debnam describes her experience of working with Rwandan street children and their helpers

A game of badminton
David Grist illustrates how working from the human givens approach generates creative solutions

The cult of parenthood
When one parent turns a child against the other parent, the effects mirror those experienced in cults. By Amy Baker

The artefact of adolescence
Robert Epstein tells Piers Bishop why ‘adolescence’ is an artificial – and harmful – modern invention

Iain Caldwell considers whether cannabis really does cause psychosis

Thinking outside the toybox
How a teddy bear and some packs of cards helped a girl decide she wanted to live instead of die. By Chris Dyas

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters


Product Code JB-139
ISBN 1473-4850 (ISSN)
Format A4 Printed Journal (48pp)
Publisher HG Publishing
RRP: £6.00
Price: £4.50

Volume 14 No 3, 2007 

Price:  £4.50


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