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Journal Back Issues

Volume 14 No 2, 2007


Editorial: To live a full life ... (Read)

How We Are: news, views and information
A mother’s kiss and PTSD • antenatal anxiety • eye health and stress • fish oils and self harm • worry and work • social exclusion and violence • sleep before learning • antidepressants and stroke • learning to learn • relationship break up • altruism • managing stress at work • enduring toll of terrorism

All in the family
Pat Williams thinks there's a lot to be said for a nod and a handshake

Angry soldier, unstable diagnosis, unholy muddle
Traumatised servicemen and women are getting a raw deal because of squabblings over diagnoses, says Piers Bishop

Against the law – but in line with the lore?
Our own cognitive and perceptual 'fault lines' can help us understand psychotic patients. Michael Garrett, David Stone and Douglas Turkington explain

Helpless to help
What it is like to care for a psychotic brother when professionals don't know how to help

Ask, don't tell
Noλl Janis-Norton discusses with Denise Winn how even the most challenging of children can be motivated to learn

“How can you sleep at night?”
Denise Winn finds out how lawyers cope psychologically when defending clients accused of committing abhorrent crimes

On the receiving end
Caroline Gallup describes the emotional upheaval she and her husband experienced during stressful infertility treatment

The carrot and the stick
Mark Evans describes how his use of rewards and punishments in therapy has helped clients quickly achieve change PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters


Product Code JB-138
ISBN ISSN: 1473-4850
Format A4 Printed Journal (48pp)
Publisher HG Publishing
RRP: £6.00
Price: £4.50

Volume 14 No 2, 2007 

Price:  £4.50


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