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Journal Back Issues

Volume 13 No 1, 2006


Editorial: Strange behaviours (Read)

How we are: News, views and information
Neglect in early childhood • antipsychotics and weight gain • the need for explanations • effects of focusing on the client– therapist relationship • predicting who will make the best doctors • marital conflict and wound healing • ‘get well’ cards • assumptions about status • cannabis-induced psychosis • noise stress • happiness brings success

We don’t know what we’ve lost
Pat Williams looks at how we lose all kinds of knowledge and suggests a way to try and conserve it

Evidence of learning
Fred Grist and Mike Beard describe an inspiring residential, learning and therapeutic facility for highly challenging youngsters

The human givens manager
Mike Hay shares his ideas for putting human givens principles into practice at work

Creating meaning that works
Research shows that people want their work to be meaningful. Trevor Lambert says employers benefit when it is

Television: paying attention, paying the price
Dr Aric Sigman discusses with Ivan Tyrrell the dire effect of too much television on developing brains

What it takes to become wise
New understandings about the two brain hemispheres’ roles explain what we call wisdom. By Dr Elkhonon Goldberg

Psychosis: does ‘early detection’ help or harm?
Denise Winn considers new thinking about trying to prevent psychotic symptoms developing, or intervening early

PLUS: Books, Letters


Product Code JB-129
ISBN 1473-4850 (ISSN)
Format A4 Printed Journal (48pp)
Publisher HG Publishing
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Price: £4.50

Volume 13 No 1, 2006 

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