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Self-help titles

Release from anger

Practical help for controlling unreasonable rage

by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell

Are you struggling with anger outbursts or excessive rage – either your own, or someone else’s? If so, you are not alone. Aggression, both verbal and physical, is on the increase in our society. Shedding light on this situation, Release from Anger explodes some common myths and gives you effective strategies to curb it. It reveals important facts about the causes, effects, triggers and behaviour patterns of anger and aggression, and explains the difference between healthy anger – a natural survival strategy – and destructive anger.

Release from Anger is also packed with clear advice and practical examples of how to deal with inappropriate anger, whether yours or someone else’s. It explains what happens, both mentally and physiologically, when anger suddenly erupts, looks at anger as an addiction and explains the reasons behind many compulsive outbursts. It also shows you how effective communication skills, verbal and nonverbal, can unlock the trance-like state of anger and defuse aggression in even potentially violent situations.

Vital information that could save your life

— Why anger is essential for survival and what it does to our bodies
— How excessive anger can affect our physical and mental health
— How to avoid the common triggers for anger
— Why venting angry feelings will not make anger go away but is actually more likely to increase it
— How to predict anger outbursts in yourself and others
— The connection between anger and depression, and anger and trauma
— Why talking about angry feelings rarely helps, especially for men
— The importance of effective communication skills
— How to use your body language to reduce the emotional temperature of a situation.

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Product Code BK-144
Author/s by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell
ISBN 978-1-899398-07-2
Format Paperback (248pp)
Publisher HG Publishing
Price: £9.99

Release from anger 

Price:  £9.99


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“If out-of-control anger is ruining your life – this is the book for you.”

Mike Beard, Education Consultant


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