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Journal Back Issues

Volume 23, No 2, 2016


Editorial: Listening to others’ meanings

How we are: News, views and information:
Conflict resolution • moral character • children and the importance of curiosity • medical research • childhood adversity and genes • predicting suicide • biomarker for psychosis • fingerprint evidence • knowledge and deception • helping teenagers cope with social challenges • gut or reason for better empathy? • how size of groups affects trust • the power of reflection • height and voting tendencies • suicide deaths in patients under crisis teams • anxiety at work


Putting our house in order
Pat Williams considers the nature of public and private service.

How meaning drives events in the Middle East
Through exploring the draw of organisations like ISIS, John Bell considers more effective responses to Middle East unrest.

Creativity, courage and compassion
Gwen Griffith-Dickson explains how she came to write a novel that creates a new understanding of the ‘war on terror’.

The innate need for meaning: supporting people with complex cancers
Pat Shields describes her work with patients with head and neck cancers and the meaning their experience brings them.

FIRST PERSON: Postnatal depression – through an HG lens
Sara Shoesmith reviews her experience of postnatal depression through her new human givens understandings.

How biohistory affects human nature
Ivan Tyrrell talks with Jim Penman about the role of biology in driving our social history.

When severe emotional damage prevents brief therapy...
Julie Lawrence and Emily Gajewski explain complex symptoms arising from early ongoing abuse, and best forms of therapy.

Raising the bar: HG in the construction industry
John McCredie describes how the human givens informs his approach to successful running of his roofing company.

FIRST PERSON: HG as a scaffolding for life after stroke
Stephen Hill reflects on his experience as he went through rehab.

PLUS: Book Reviews

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Volume 23, No 2, 2016 

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