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Volume 17 No 2, 2010



Editorial: Different views, different needs

How we are: News, views and information:
Stopping smoking when clients deteriorate paroxetine and breast cancer emotional memories and repression ADHD and creativity chronically ill children exam success bipolar disorder and high grades CBT self-help that can harm cheerful exercise insomnia materialism schizophrenia: another labelling effect volunteering excluded autistic children 'social flow' and more

The cost of coming in from the cold
We so badly need our 'mad' poets, says Pat Williams

Human givens: back to the basics
Farouk Okhai says the organising ideas that underpin this approach to therapy sometimes get overlooked

Meaningful pastimes and past times
Adele Stancliffe shows how carers can be helped to enhance the lives of elderly people in care homes

The curious incident of the four-armed aliens
Renee van der Vloodt describes how careres can be helped to enhance the lives of elderly people in care homes

Patterns of perception
Lawrence Rosenblum talks with Denise Winn about our fascinating and unconscious multisensory abilities

Choosing compassion could help us survive
Pat Williams looks at what is known about our compassionate instinct and how we can strengthen it

Stop the war!
Deirdre Barrett says humans are so violent because our instincts are out of synch with modern-day living

Rehearsing success
Paul Dow shows struggling students how to meet their needs through using the human givens approach

PLUS: Book Reviews, Letters

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Volume 17 No 2, 2010 

Price:  £5.00


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