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Further information

The Human Givens Institute (HGI)

The HGI is a membership organisation and resource open to anyone interested in the human givens approach and how it is improving effectiveness in diverse areas such as psychotherapy, education, social work, primary care, management and even diplomacy. It is also the professional body for human givens psychotherapists.

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   and articles

Psychotherapy from the human givens approach

>> Why this approach to psychotherapy is important

>> How a human givens therapist or counsellor can help

>> Online Register of qualified human givens therapists and

>> Choosing a psychotherapist or counsellor

>>  The Human Givens Approach self-help series of books

>> What makes a good counselling or psychotherapy course?

Training in effective psychotherapeutic skills

>> Psychotherapy Training

>> Stress Management Courses

>> Anger Management Training Courses

>> Addiction Counselling Courses

>> The Human Givens Diploma

For more information about training in the human givens approach, pleae visit the Human Givens College website.

The Emotional Needs Audit

The Emotional Needs Audit (ENA) is an ongoing project designed to ascertain how well people's innate emotional needs are being met across the UK. Click here for more details.

>> View the current emotional temperature of the UK.

>> To find out how well your own emotional needs are being met,
      click here.

Monthly e-newsletter for anyone interested in HG approach

The HGI produces a regular email newsletter, keeping everyone interested in the human givens approach up to date with the latest developments in its ongoing work to bring humanity and common sense into mental health, education, social work and so on.

If you'd like to sign up, please click here, we do not pass on email addresses to any third parties.

The Human Givens Foundation

The Human Givens Foundation (HGF) is a charity registered in England and Wales, Charity No. 1108432. Its objectives are to promote research and public education into the 'givens' of human nature and their application into the treatment and care of those suffering from mental illness.

It intends to foster initiatives by those endeavouring to use up-to-date knowledge about the givens of human nature in practical ways, particularly in fields where the development of life skills is vital: education, psychotherapy, health, social work, industrial relations and diplomacy.

For more information, please visit:

The Human Givens Charter    Read >

New Scientist interview with Joe Griffin   Read >

Washington Times interview with Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell about the human givens    Read >

BMJ article featuring the 'human givens' approach to psychotherapy   See: html format, or PDF.

FT Magazine's spotlight article on Joe Griffin   Read >

'All in the Mind' interview with Joe Griffin

Click here to listen to Dr Raj Persaud's interview with Joe Griffin about his 'How to lift depression' workshop on BBC Radio 4's 'All in the Mind'.

'Why we dream' website

View Joe Griffin's 'expectation fulfilment' theory of dreaming on our sister site: " Why do we dream?".

Human givens training in the Netherlands

The Australian Human Givens Network



Psychotherapy Training

Stress Management Courses

Anger Management Courses

Addiction Counselling Courses

More Counselling Courses

The Human Givens Diploma

Online archive
of useful articles and information

Human Givens Overseas


The Emotional Needs Audit

The Human Givens Foundation

The Human Givens Institute